At Prestera Eye, our highly-trained ophthalmologists treat a wide variety of conditions that affect the eye, including those that cause pain and inflammation of the eyelids. Through skilled, gentle care, Dr. Tory Prestera and Dr. Kevin Garff can reduce irritation and provide relief.

Chalazion Removal

Often confused with a stye, a chalazion is a growth that can develop on the eyelids. This condition is usually caused by a blockage of oil glands inside the eyelid. Many patients are able to help encourage chalazia to resolve on their own, through at-home care such as a warm compress and gentle massage. However, a chalazion may require specialized care if it persists. Dr. Prestera and Dr. Garff can remove the chalazion through the use of a steroid injection or a drainage procedure. Together with each patient, our doctors will determine which treatment is best.

Blepharitis Treatment

Blepharitis is a chronic condition that causes inflammation of the eyelids, due to clogged oil glands near the lash line. Symptoms include red, swollen eyelids, as well as itching, burning, blurry vision, flaky skin around the eyelids, and more. If this condition goes untreated, it can cause further discomfort, and may cause chalazia to develop.

Since blepharitis is a chronic condition, it requires ongoing treatment to prevent symptoms. Dr. Prestera and Dr. Garff can assess your specific case and recommend a treatment that can help alleviate irritation. Regular care of your eyelids and good hygiene can also help prevent flare-ups — our doctors encourage patients to routinely use warm compresses and gently scrub the area with a damp, clean cloth or cotton swab to exfoliate the skin. Additionally, your eye doctor can prescribe other treatments to help minimize symptoms. Artificial tears or steroid eye drops may also be recommended.

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